Andrew W. Garner, MD and his staff have been providing medical IV infusions since 1993. Our medical office is a warm inviting place to have your IV infusion needs met. Adirondack Medical Infusion Center is a fully integrated IV infusion center with socially distanced comfortable reclining chairs and is staffed by Registered IV Nurses. Our team at Adirondack Medical Infusion Center takes pride in their work to provide high-quality patient centered health care services. We follow the latest COVID medical cleaning protocols and physical distancing guidelines. We hold ourselves accountable to create a safe and friendly environment for all our patients. From IV Nutrients, High Dose Vitamin C, NAD+ to IV EDTA Chelation therapy, we are here for you! Call today for a free phone consultation.

Service Price List 

Toxic Metal Urine Test                                                  $40 (plus $69 lab cost) 


Vitamin B12                                                                                              $25 

Vitamin B Complex [B1, B2, B3, B5, B6]                                                  $25 

Vitamin B 12 AND B Complex                                                                  $40 

Multi-Vitamin [Infuvit]                                                                                $60 


Myers ORIGINAL IV Vitamins                                                                 $150 

Myers PLUS[Myers Original & added Vitamins]                                     $175 

Myers ULTIMATE[Myers Plus & added Trace Minerals]                         $200 

Vitamin C 50-75 gm                                                                                $200 

Glutathione IV Push 1 gm                                                                         $25 


IV Hydration 1 Liter                                                                                 $125 


Patients with known Vascular Disease 

EDTA 3000 mg and Vitamins IV Drip                                                      $140  

Patients with elevated Heavy Metals 

EDTA 3000 mg IV Push                                                                          $100 

 NAD+                        call for pricing